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EgeMoney FIAT/Crypto withdrawal takes place within the framework of certain rules. Sometimes, if you overlook the rules, it is possible that the actions you take do not reach their place or take place correctly.

FIAT/Crypto withdrawal is one of the transactions you can make from EgeMoney Wallet to external wallet.

How can I withdraw FIAT?

For FIAT withdrawal:

  1. From the “Wallet” section of the menu on the main page, click on the “Fiat and Spot” heading.
  2. Click on the “Withdraw” heading in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click on “FIAT Withdraw” from the 3 options that appear.
  4. In the Select asset section, select the currency (TRY).
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  6. Next, you must select the bank account you are using and verify.
  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. After you click, a code will be sent to your e-mail address or phone number. Enter the code.
  9. Your transaction will be completed.


How can I withdraw crypto?

For crypto withdrawal:

  1. Firstly, from “Wallet” heading at the top of the website, click on the “Fiat and Spot” heading.
  2. Secondly, click on the “Withdraw” heading in the upper right.
  3. Click on the first line of the menu that appears, “Crypto Withdraw”.
  4. You must enter the coin you want to withdraw, the coin network and the receiving address, making sure that it is correct. Next, you must enter the Memo tag of the receiving address, if any. (At this step, check if the receiving address has a Memo tag.)
  5. Enter the amount of crypto you want to withdraw.
  6. If you want to save the information, you can save it as “Trusted”.
  7. Your crypto withdrawal will be initiated.

What rules should I follow for my withdrawal?

The rules you need to pay attention to when withdrawing Crypto or Turkish Lira are as follows:

  • You can only withdraw to your bank accounts registered in your name. If you try to make a withdrawal to a bank account registered to someone else, the withdrawn amount will not be transferred.
  • If you have an account with Fibabanka, you can withdraw 24/7.
  • You can withdraw Turkish lira to any bank during working hours. EFT transactions made between 9.00 and 16.45 on weekdays are completed on the same day. Also, withdrawals made on weekends and holidays are completed on the first business day following.
  • Transactions made outside of these hours are also completed on the next business day.
  • Transactions made with Fast are supported up to 5000 Turkish liras. If the amount is 5000 Turkish Liras or less, you can withdraw Turkish Lira to any bank (an account in your own name) 24/7.

I have withdrawn fiat/crypto, but I haven’t received it, what should I do ?

First of all, please check the headings at the top of the article. Make sure you comply with the rules and whether you do the transactions correctly. If you still think there is a problem, please contact us and report the problem. Also, do not forget to provide your transfer information when contacting.

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