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EgeMoney refferal bonusBy inviting your friends to EgeMoney, you can benefit from referral bonuses and various advantages. In this article, we will explain the referral program and how you can earn bonuses.

What is the referral program?

The EgeMoney Referral Program allows you to earn money simply by referring your friends. If you invite a friend to become an EgeMoney member and your invitation is accepted as part of the campaign, you will receive a gift of 20 TL in your wallet when your friend completes the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. The Referral Bonus for Registered without Referral and Referral Bonus for Registered with Referral programs may vary with our new policies. The referral commission rates will be at least 30% for each user level. Your rewards will be transferred to your account within one day after the KYC document verification of the people you have registered as referrals. If you have completed the necessary KYC steps, you can withdraw your rewards. Also, you can use them for other transactions.

How can I receive a referral bonus?

First, follow these steps to refer a friend:

First, complete your KYC steps after registering on the platform.

Invite your friends to register with your referral link or code. To share your referral link, click on the title in your profile menu.

How Can I Receive a Referral Bonus

On the page where you enter your referral code, you can see the amount you earned through this program, the list of your referred friends, your referral ranking, and your commission list.

Copy the codes that appear on the page that opens when you click the title and send them to your friends. You will see both the code and the link. You can share any of these addresses.

How Can I Receive a Referral Bonus 2The people you send the codes to must register on the platform. Afterwards, they must complete the mandatory KYC steps. Your referral code must be entered in the registration process.

Finally, you can earn various bonuses when they complete their KYC. Also, you can share a commission of up to 35% in real-time for every transaction!

What should I pay attention to when referring someone?

Please note the following under the EgeMoney Referral Program:

Make sure all necessary KYC steps are verified to withdraw your bonus. These steps must also be completed by the person you referred.

The Referral Program may be limited based on the company policy at times. For example, you may only refer friends within a certain quota and earn bonuses.


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