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How To Withdraw Crypto?If you want to transfer the crypto assets you have in EgeMoney to another platform, the process you need to do is to withdraw crypto. In this article, we will explain how you can withdraw crypto assets through the EgeMoney platform.

First of all, you must log in to the system (website) with your own account. Then, come to the “Wallet” heading at the top right menu of the website. Here, click on the first line “Fiat and Spot”.

How To Withdraw Crypto?After you click on the title, you will see a panel with general information about your main account.

How To Withdraw Crypto?Click on the “Withdraw” heading in the upper right of the panel.

How To Withdraw CryptoChoose the first line of the menu that appears, “Crypto Withdraw”.

How To Withdraw Crypto?On this page, you will see spaces where you need to enter the information necessary to withdraw crypto. First, you must enter the coin you want to withdraw, the coin network, and the address, making sure that it is correct. Next, you must enter the Memo tag of the receiving address, if any. (At this step, you must make sure that the receiving address has a Memo tag.)

Enter the amount of crypto you want to withdraw. By clicking on the blue text at the bottom, you can quickly withdraw the maximum of the crypto asset you own and choose.

If you want to save the information you entered and use it later without verification, you can save it as “Trusted”.

When you fill in all the information completely, your crypto withdrawal will be initiated. Please remember to check that the network matches the network addresses entered. If you enter the wrong address, you may lose your funds.

After entering the amount, wait for the blockchain network to confirm your transfer.

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