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how can i add payment method

You can add different payment methods for the trades you will make on the EgeMoney platform. As you save your payment data, it will become practical for the next steps.


What transactions can I do on the EgeMoney platform?

EgeMoney is a platform that provides financial services. You can complete many of your business, such as crypto asset trading, asset conversions, or P2P exchanges, from our website or mobile app. The markets on our site are as follows:

You can add payment methods for the transactions you will make in these 3 markets. Apart from that, you can also register your external wallet to fund your account. You can deposit/withdraw not only FIAT but also crypto or digital money.

What is required to add payment method to my account?

First, you must complete the mandatory KYC steps. Users who complete these steps should deposit a minimum of 1 TRY from the user’s own bank account to the EgeMoney contracted bank account. The system automatically saves that bank account as a reliable payment method after the deposit. In this case, withdrawals can be made to the bank account.

Intermediary institutions cannot be registered as payment methods. Please check whether the bank account you are trying to register is a broker.

How can I add a payment method?

There are 4 different assets for payment types in EgeMoney. But you can add secure payment methods for both. These:

  1. Crypto
  2. e-money
  3. FIAT
  4. Cash

However, you can only add a payment method for FIAT and e-currencies. E-money is the name given to the “digital currency” units that the world’s banks (including the Central Bank) are currently working on. But, since they are not regulated yet, they do not have an active area of use.

Firstly, log in to the EgeMoney website.

Secondly, select the “Payment” heading from the Wallet menu in the upper right.

How can I add a payment method 2

Click the “Add Payment Method” button on the right.

How can I add a payment method 3

Select the payment type as “FIAT Currency”.

How can I add a payment method 4

When you choose the payment method as “Turkish Bank Account (Withdrawal)”, a bank account with FIAT is required. Then, if you have completed the process of sending 1 TL to the bank account described in the previous section, your current bank account will appear in the payment methods options. Select your account.

How can I add a payment method 5

Finally, if you choose SEPA, you must submit a EURO account.



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