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Real estate valuation is an important assessment performed to determine the market value of properties. EgeMoneyNFT manages this process in a transparent and reliable manner. It also provides accurate results using the most up-to-date methods and technologies. The valuation process is a process carried out according to the criteria determined by experts. In this process, the physical condition and market conditions of the property are taken into account. Also, a valuation report is obtained at the end. Valuation reports play a critical role in investment decisions. In this article, we will examine the valuation process of EgeMoneyNFT step by step.

Introduction to the Real Estate Valuation Process

One of the aims of the EgemoneyNFT business model is to offer investors the option to invest in real estate using cryptocurrencies. In other words, these properties are digitized in the system. However, since the properties invested in are real assets, a price must be determined. This process is a very critical step in order to trade.

Property valuation is important and necessary to determine the market value of the property. Real estate appraisers obtain a report by performing this evaluation to ensure transparency and fairness in pricing. Then, these reports are presented to investors, namely buyers. The most important feature of the report is that it is transparent and reliable, as mentioned.

Step-by-Step Valuation Process with EgeMoneyNFT

To start the system, Egemoney first buys a house. This house is the property that investors will invest in as NFT and F-NFT. Investors must first complete the KYC steps in order to be able to perform these transactions.

The home valuation process begins with an examination of the physical condition of the house. Appraisers evaluate the size of the house, the number of rooms and general conditions.

Secondly, the location of the house, environmental factors and transportation facilities are also important criteria.

Experts analyze the sales prices of similar houses in the market.

Also, the interior and exterior features of the house play a decisive role.

Additionally, the age of the house and its maintenance status are also taken into consideration. All of these factors help determine the market value of the house.

Finally, a detailed valuation report is prepared with the data obtained. This report clearly reveals the real value of the house.

Frequency of Property Valuation

Property valuation processes are carried out at regular intervals. This process determines the current value of the property. Appraisers re-examine the property at certain intervals. Regular valuations make it easier to follow market changes. The physical condition of the property and market conditions are constantly monitored. This method provides accurate information to property owners.

Periodic valuations support investment decisions in this way. At the same time, it makes the changes in the value of the property more reviewable by reporting them. EgeMoneyNFT provides confidence with regular valuation services. These regular checks reveal the real value of the property.

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