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Egemoney Welcome Bonus offers a great opportunity for new users. This bonus is an incentive that new members receive after their registration process. Egemoney aims to give a warm welcome to its users with this bonus. Members can increase their investments with this bonus and take their experience on the platform to the highest level. New users gain financial advantage with this attractive offer offered by Egemoney. In this article, we will explain how to unlock the bonus and the advantages such as bonus/points that you can use in other areas.

How can I get the Welcome Bonus?

All you need to do to get the Welcome Bonus is to create an EgeMoney account and then verify your phone number and email address. When you verify your phone and email, the bonus will be added to your wallet. You can use this bonus to make transactions or transfer it to your bank account. Whether you use a referral code or not, you are eligible to receive the Welcome Bonus after registration.

Unlocking the bonus

After you receive your bonus, you can see a section in the wallet section. This section contains the amount of all the points you have earned. When you click the “Unlock Bonus” button, you can either buy crypto or withdraw it to your defined bank account.

How can I earn more bonuses or points?

You can earn more bonuses as you make transactions and observe opportunities in Egemoney. Firstly, activate your activity in the “Points Club” section in the products menu.

You can earn points in return for the commission you pay in the buy-sell transactions. After collecting enough points to unlock the bonus, you can unlock it either by using your existing points or by using the coupons you will receive in exchange for points.

How can I use the bonus and points I have earned?

There are two different ways to evaluate the bonuses you have earned. Firstly, you can buy crypto assets with these bonuses. Secondly, you can withdraw the bonus you have earned directly to your own bank account.

The area of ​​use of points is different. In general, points are used for competitions. There is a list of current competitions on the points center page. You can convert your points into coupons to participate in these competitions. Coupon formulas specific to competitions are on the Points Club page. Don’t forget to check out our blog post for more detailed information.


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