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We are in the sadness of the earthquake disaster, the epicenter of which is Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep, and which affected many cities and Syria. We wish God’s mercy on our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake, our condolences and ease to their relatives, and a speedy recovery to the injured. AHBAP help addresses added to our platform to support citizens in difficult times are prepared for sending crypto. In this article, we will explain how to send help to AHBAP via EgeMoney.

About AHBAP and donating addresses

AHBAP is a cooperative non-governmental organization. In addition, AHBAP continues its efforts to collect aid for this disaster. As of 2023, Turkey has a volunteer network in 68 cities. However, aids are also delivered via 81. They organize many studies and aids in the fields of solidarity, cooperation, nonviolent communication, scholarship, medical aid, humanitarian aid, special events, campaigns, education, arts, science and technology.

There are 2 addresses of AHBAP on the EgeMoney website: USDT and BUSD. In this article, we will explain how to send help to these addresses.

There are two addresses in “AHBAP Donate” on our website. We will explain how to use them.

How can I send help to AHBAP Crypto addresses?

First of all, login to our website.
Secondly, come to the “Wallet” heading in the upper right. Here, click on the first line “Fiat and Spot”.

How To Withdraw Crypto?
In the panel, click on the “Withdraw” heading in the upper right.

How To Withdraw Crypto?
Click on the first line of the menu that appears, “Crypto Withdrawal”.

How To Withdraw Crypto? 2
On this page, you will see blanks where you need to enter the information necessary to withdraw crypto. You can see AHBAP address information under the “AHBAP Donate” heading in the top menu on the site. Please enter this address information in the blanks. You can also use the copy button.ahbap donate address

Enter the amount of crypto you want to withdraw.
If you want to use infos later, you can save it as “Trusted”.
When you fill in all the information completely, your crypto withdrawal will be initiated. If you enter the wrong address, you may lose your funds.
Finally, wait for the blockchain network to confirm your transfer.

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