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how to find our egemoney wallets

Apart from the external wallet, the other wallet type you can use on our platform is my EgeMoney wallet. In this article, we will explain how you can access your EgeMoney wallet and what information you can view.

What can I do with my EgeMoney Wallet?

EgeMoney Wallet is the type of wallet that you will trade such as buying and selling within the platform. You can perform the following transactions for My EgeMoney Wallet:

  • FIAT Deposit
  • Crypto Deposit
  • Digital Deposit
  • Crypto Withdrawal
  • FIAT Towing
  • Digital Withdrawal
  • P2P Market
  • Spot Market
  • Transfer

You can also convert between your EgeMoney wallet and an external wallet. The Rapid Convert feature allows you to convert your current asset into another asset.

How can I access my EgeMoney Wallet?

For access your EgeMoney wallet, you must first be a member of the platform. Next, you must verify the mandatory KYC steps. In short, users who do not complete the mandatory steps cannot access their wallets. The KYC process is completed automatically with high technologies. If the information for each section is entered correctly, the verification is completed in a short time (less than 2 minutes).

Secondly, click on the “Fiat and Spot” option from the “Wallet” heading in the top right menu of the site.

How To Find Our Egemoney Wallets 2

Here, you will see all the information about your EgeMoney wallet. In general, you can view your balance and assets separately. The Fiat and Spot balance refers to all the assets you own. The spot balance is the number of your assets that you can use in the spot market. Besides, the fiat balance is the number of currencies you own, such as TRY.

How To Find Our Egemoney Wallets 3
When you scroll down the page, you will see how much of each coin you have. Accordingly, you can use the feature to hide low-balance coins. For example, if you have very little or no SOL, you won’t see it in the list when you use this filter.

What else can I view in the Wallet section?

In the EgeMoney wallet menu, you can view different features besides the above.

How To Find Our Egemoney Wallets 4
P2P: This shows the assets you have converted to your P2P wallet. Available for USD, TRY, EUR, BTC, ETH, USDT, and TRON assets.
Payment: Shows payment methods and registration status.
EgeMoney Savings: For users using the Flexible Savings Plan.
Transaction History: It is a timeline format that shows the transactions you have made.
Wallet History: This shows all transactions that have occurred in your wallet.

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