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What is EgeMoney Points Club?
EgeMoney Points Club is a mechanism created for using points earned in accordance with certain rules in active competitions. The points you earn will offer you the opportunity to participate in many competitions. From our Points Club page, you can access your points, active competitions, and leaderboards.

How Do I Earn Points?

In the Points Club, the rules for earning points may vary, and points are calculated based on the transactions you make and your referrals.

You earn 100 points after the KYC completion of 20 referrals you bring.

In our platform, you can earn 100 points for every net 1 USDT commission you pay for your Spot Market and Convert orders.

Participating in the points system is quite simple. First, log into your EgeMoney account and enter the Points Club page.

Points club introduction 1

From our Points Club page, you can start earning points by clicking the ‘Start Earning Points’ button.

Points club introduction 2Areas of Use for Points In the Points Club

Various competitions await you. You can convert your earned points into Coupons according to the specific formula of the competition you wish to participate in, and thereby gain the right to participate in various competitions. When competitions start, the special coupon formulas for each competition will be announced simultaneously on our Points Club page and our social media accounts.

On the Points Club page, you can easily see the points you have earned and used.

Points club introduction 3

Additionally, from the section below, you can see how many points you have earned in all your transactions and your point expenditures.

Points club introduction 4

What is a Points Club Coupon?

You need to convert the points you have accumulated into a special coupon for the competition you wish to participate in. The more points you collect, the more coupons you will have. The numerical value of the used coupons varies in each competition.

How to Participate in Competitions in the Points Club?

Each competition created in the Points Club has different participation conditions. Therefore, you need to select the competition you want to participate in from the ‘Active Competitions’ section on the page and fulfill the participation conditions. Also, all details about the competitions will be shared simultaneously on our social media accounts and the Points Club page.

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