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Buy bitcoin in turkey

You can buy, sell or convert Bitcoin on the EgeMoney platform. In this article, we will explain the ways you can buy Bitcoin on EgeMoney.

In which markets can I buy Bitcoin on EgeMoney?

First of all, the most common way to buy BTC is the spot market. You can buy by viewing the rate of current pairs. You can also compare the pairs thanks to the “Market Depth”. In addition, a chronological list is provided for you to view the latest transactions with the order book on the right of the page.

When you scroll down the page, you come to the sections where you can sell and buy Bitcoin. There are 4 order types in total here: Limit, Stop-Limit, Market, and OCO. According to these orders, you can enter the limits in your mind.

As a second way, you can convert an existing asset to Bitcoin with EgeMoney Rapid Convert. In the Rapid Convert, you can use your external wallet other than my EgeMoney Wallet. In this way, it is possible to convert your different assets.

Finally, it is possible to buy BTC if it is available in the postings on the P2P market. For this, another user must have given this announcement beforehand and an agreement must be reached. However, since EgeMoney provides one-on-one chat in the P2P Market, it is not difficult to communicate in this market.


How can I buy Bitcoin on the Spot Market?

First, log in to your account.

In the menu at the bottom, click on “Buy Bitcoin” under “Products”.

How can I buy Bitcoin on the Spot Market

When you scroll down the page that comes up, you come to the part where you will get BTC.

First, select the order type you want. You can choose from Limit, Market, Stop Limit, and OCO.

Enter the amounts according to the limit you have chosen.

How can I buy Bitcoin on the Spot Market 2

Click the “Buy BTC” button.

After the confirmation pages, your transaction will be complete.

How can I buy Bitcoin with EgeMoney Rapid Convert?

Login to the website.

Click on the “Rapid Convert” title from the “Classic Markets” section in the upper left menu.

In this section, you should decide on your wallet types. Select whether the assets you will buy and sell will be.

“How do you want to pay?” Select the section on what to buy Bitcoin with. And enter the amount.

How can I buy Bitcoin on the Spot Market 3

Click on Bitcoin for the “You get” section.

Click the “Continue to convert” button.

You will be taken to the confirmation stage screen. Yes, click the confirm button.

You will be directed to 2 more confirmation pages. And your transaction will be complete.

How can I buy Bitcoin on the P2P Market?

First of all, log in to the website.

Click on the “Traditional P2P Market” under the “Classic Markets” heading.

On this page, you will see advertisements. If there is a BTC sale that suits you, click the “Accept” button. Also, there is a chance that you will not find a suitable ad.

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