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is egemoeny safe?

EgeMoney, where you can perform many commercial transactions such as crypto trading, is protected by different security systems. In this article, we will explain EgeMoney security features.

What features are available for my security?

The reliability of the EgeMoney platform can be verified by different features. Different features such as mandatory KYC steps, optional KYC steps, two-way verification, Google verification increase the security of your EgeMoney account.

You can also control your account login activities under the headings in the Security settings. Besides that, you can also track device management feature. For example, if you want to log out of your phone, this feature allows you to log out of your account that is open on your phone using your computer.

What are the KYC steps?

KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a process used by financial institutions, banks, and other organizations to verify the identity of their customers and ensure they are not involved in illegal activities such as money laundering or terrorist financing. The Know Your Customer process may vary slightly by organization. The mandatory KYC steps at EgeMoney are as follows:

  • Email verification
  • Phone number verification
  • Filling the information form
  • Installing an identity frontend
  • Install ID backend
  • Address verification
  • Biometric consent verification

In addition, there are 3 extra KYC steps. These steps are optional. But you still have to complete these steps to do some actions:

  • Bank account verification
  • Agreement verification
  • Filling the user recognition form

What are advanced security verifications?

Security verifications are optional steps you can follow to make your EgeMoney account more secure. There are two types of validation in this regard:

  • Two-face authentication (2FA)
  • Advanced Security

Adding these verification types to your account is advantageous for your security. There are three types of two-face authentication: Google Authentication , Email address verification and Phone number verification. As long as you follow the KYC steps with your e-mail address and phone number, you are complete. Google verification is an extra step. You can use this verification to generate 2-Step Verification codes whenever you need to verify your requests or take action. You can find how to do Google verification in our related blog post.

What should I do for my security if I detect suspicious activity on my account?

If you notice any unauthorized transaction in your EgeMoney account, first change your password. You can also take an instant measure by deactivating your account in the account activities section. After this process, you can contact us and reach our support channel.

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