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EgeMoney P2P is a feature that allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies with local currencies using peer-to-peer technology. Users can set any price for cryptocurrencies using the EgeMoney P2P platform and do not need to use a bank account. P2P trading is two people trading cryptocurrencies directly with each other without an intermediary or third party. It is beneficial for both parties as they choose their preferred payment method and a price agreed upon by both parties. Shortly, it is a peer-to-peer marketplace.

There are many advantages to using the EgeMoney P2P Market. While there are advantages, there are also some potential risks.


Advantages of EgeMoney P2P Market


  • EgeMoney P2P platform has marketplaces where users can promote their ads (offers) to others. Also, this network allows you to customize your offer with different features like discounts and payment terms.
  • As the EgeMoney P2P platform simply connects buyers and sellers, it provides a wide variety of payment methods.
  • EgeMoney P2P platform uses security features such as two-factor verification to protect trade.
  • EgeMoney P2P platform does not charge any fees or commissions on transactions as it connects sellers directly with buyers. This gives you the freedom to buy and sell currencies without worrying about extra costs affecting your bottom line.
  • EgeMoney P2P platform allows you to set your trading orders, giving you more control over your transactions. You can set the price you want to buy or sell and the amount of currency you want to trade.
  • On the EgeMoney P2P Platform, live chat is provided with the buyer or seller throughout the transaction.
  • The FIAT and cryptocurrency are protected by EgeMoney until both parties confirm the transaction.
  • EgeMoney P2P users can buy and sell crypto faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.


Disadvantages of EgeMoney P2P Market


  • There is a possibility that transaction speeds can be quite slow as one party may delay the transaction midway. This can lead to delays and frustrations when trying to buy or sell cryptocurrency and can affect your profit and earnings if the price of the currency changes in the meantime.


  • One of the disadvantages of P2P trading is the small number of people who advertise in large quantities.


  • P2P Platform has lower liquidity compared to other exchanges. This also means that there may be a situation where no one matches your trade order.


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