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EgeMoney Referans Programı Hakkında Her ƞeyWith the EgeMoney Referral Program, you can earn up to 35% commission when your friend trades on EgeMoney. In this article, we will explain everything about the EgeMoney Referral Program.

Shortly, EgeMoney Referral Program allows you to earn by being a reference to your friends. If you have invited a friend to become a member of EgeMoney by reference and your friend, who is a member of the system within the scope of the campaign, has verified the Know Your Customer (KYC) steps, 0-100 TL will be transferred in your wallet as a gift. Your reward will be credited to your account within 1 day after the people you refer to provide KYC document verification. If you have completed your mandatory KYC steps and bank account verification, you can withdraw your reward or use it for other transactions.

When can I use the Referral Program?

The EgeMoney referral program is available in certain periods and may not always be active. For these cases, you can follow the current Reference Program  page on our website.

How can I invite my friend to the EgeMoney Referral Program? The Referral Program may be limited at times, depending on company policy. For example, you can refer your friends and earn money only within a certain quota.

How can I invite my friend to the EgeMoney Referral Program?

To share the referral link with the friend you want to refer to, first hover over your profile picture on the top right of the website.


Click on the 6th heading “Referral” from above in the menu that opens here. A page with your referral information (Default Referral ID and Link) will appear.

How can I invite my friend to the EgeMoney Referral Program?

Copy your preferred reference IDs in the form of links or numbers and share them with your friend. After this step, your friend who wants to become a member must enter this information in the “Referral Code” section when registering.


What Can I See on the Referral Dashboard?

On the page you enter to share your referral code, you can see the amount you have earned with this program, the list of your referral friends, your referral links list, and your commission list.

After you become a reference, you can transfer the bonus you get to your wallet as crypto or FIAT. For example, you can have a bonus or any kind of crypto earnings in TL. It can use both a referral and a friend referral program, and sometimes it can be a very good source of income for those who cooperate with EgeMoney in this regard.

To withdraw your bonus, you must ensure that all of your required KYC steps are verified. To learn the mandatory KYC steps, you can review our related article . You can also check the bank account verification you want to withdraw from .


You can contact us for more information about EgeMoney and follow our blog to be informed about different opportunities.

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