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how can i enable google authentication?

Google Authentication, one of the advanced security settings of EgeMoney, provides a more secure platform feature if added to your account. In addition, you can access your account more securely with different verifications.

What is Google Authentication?

It is a service provided by Google. Also,it allows users to verify their identity and authorize access to their Google accounts securely.

It provides several different verification methods. So users can use it as a second factor in addition to their primary authentication method such as passwords. These methods include SMS verification, authentication apps ( Microsoft Authenticator, etc.), physical security keys (such as YubiKey), and device-based authentication methods such as Google Smart Lock.

These second-factor verification methods make accounts more secure, as they require not only knowledge of the correct password, but also access to the verification method. This helps prevent malicious actors from taking over accounts.

In addition to protecting Google accounts, Google authentication can also be used in other services provided by Google such as YouTube, Google Ads, and Google Analytics as a verification method.

In conclusion, Google authentication offers users a range of security measures.

How can I Enable Google Authentication?

Firstly, log in to the website.

Select “Security” from the top right menu.

In the middle of the page, click on the “Enable” option.

Download the app that appears.
Scan the QR code on the website into the app. Also, you can manually enter the code.

The next step is for backup keys. Go to “Backup keys > Continue > Get backup keys”. Save the codes in a safe and accessible place.

Finally, you must enable Google Authentication (Authenticator). In the Get Code section, enter the code sent to your phone number . Next, enter your code. This step is the last step. Your transaction is complete.


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