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The 2023 Arkhe Blockchain Week, a unique event where history, nature, and technology come together, is opening its doors to blockchain enthusiasts at Şirince’s Mathematics Village. The organization, which is prepared with comprehensive and in-depth content every year, is getting ready to share the exciting depths of the Blockchain world with selected students.

Are You Ready for the Blockchain Journey?

With the participation of many experts and instructors, the event will present a wide range of aspects of Blockchain technology, from the basics to coding and the dynamics of the token economy. This unique event caters to both newcomers and professionals in the industry. Participants will have the opportunity to meet the most experienced instructors in the industry, share knowledge and experiences, establish new connections, and develop new ideas about Blockchain technology.

Blockchain 101 + Tokenomics Courses

Blockchain, one of the most discussed topics in the world of technology and finance recently, is now being thoroughly explained for enthusiasts. The “Blockchain 101” training camp, which will take place between August 27 and September 3, 2023, is about to start with the contributions of professional trainers.

In the “Blockchain 101” module covering the first week of the camp, participants will learn the conceptual foundations of Blockchain technology. An in-depth look will be offered at questions such as “What are Blockchain Technology and Platforms?”, “What is the Importance of Blockchain in Digital Transformation?”, “How Does Blockchain Work?”, “Smart Contracts”, and “What is Cryptocurrency?”.

The training staff will include names like Ebru Güven, Efe Bulduk, Gürkan Ketenciler, and Vedat Güven. Participants will be equipped with information on the current use of Blockchain technology and how it will transform industries in the future.

Another part of this training camp will be “Tokenomics”. Offered as one of the elective camps of Blockchain 101, the Tokenomics camp aims to provide participants with in-depth information about the token economy. Critical metrics such as the number of wallets a token has, the amount of token in circulation, the planned future token amount, and the distribution of the total supply will be emphasized. In the company of expert instructors, information will be reinforced with evening sessions and workshops.

Arkhe Blockchain’s Coding101 Camp for Beginners

In recent years, Blockchain technology has made a significant impact in the tech world, leading many organizations to increase their demand for individuals knowledgeable in Blockchain coding. Solidity is one of the essential languages to learn in this area, and with these camps offered by Arkhe Blockchain, there’s an aim to teach participants the basics of this language.

The Coding101 camp aims to teach participants the features and programming logic of the Solidity language, starting from a basic level. Throughout the camp, participants will have the opportunity to get to know the Solidity language closely with workshops and applied courses. At the head of the training will be Osman Kuzucu.

Education Program and Calendar

Students will be hosted at Arkhe on Sunday, August 27th. This date is planned as an adaptation day for participants to overcome their travel fatigue, so no course schedule will be implemented. The training will start on Monday, August 28th. As part of the program, students will be given a one-day break on Thursday, August 31st to rest. The training process will end on Sunday, September 3rd.

The 2023 Arkhe Blockchain Week aims to demonstrate not only the technical aspects of Blockchain but also how it can be integrated into society, economy, and nature. This unique event, taking place in the historical atmosphere of Şirince, offers both knowledge acquisition and socialization opportunities.


The sponsors supporting the realization of the event include; EgeMoney, UniveChain, İstanbulBlockchainWomen, Altcointurk, Tim Danışmanlık, Web3 Teknolojileri Derneği, Trio Blockchain Labs, Nerf it, BTCHaber.

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