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P2P (Peer to Peer) is a market for exchanges between two pairs. Thanks to P2P exchanges, you can perform your transactions without the need for a broker.

What does the P2P Market/Network do?

With the P2P Network, you can complete your trading without the need for an intermediary. Since there is no intermediary institution, naturally the procedures also take a shorter time. Thus, you will make both easier and more functional operations.

Shortly, the absence of a central authority makes crypto trading much easier. In this case, you can do your trading in the direction you want. By regularly trading on the P2P market, it is possible to earn regular income.

With EgeMoney P2P Market, you can trade faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. EgeMoney P2P platform uses security features such as encryption and two-factor authentication to protect trade. There are also no additional payments such as commissions and transaction fees.

Advantages of P2P Network

  • There is no need for a manager as there is no broker.
  • You set your own orders and have control.
  • It is commission free.
  • Less network traffic.
  • You can trade with your local currency.
  • You can filter and select the most suitable ads for you.
  • If you’re going to sell, you decide the pricing. You can post an ad at any price you want.
  • You can have an active business life if you are interested in ads regularly.
  • There are no transaction fees.
  • It is a global marketplace.

What is required to exchange P2P?

In the P2P market, purchases and sales are made through postings. To purchase, you should check the ads on this subject. To sell, you must post an ad. There are no restrictions on the advertisements you will post. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, since there is no broker, you can make the pricing in the direction you want. To accept listings on the EgeMoney P2P market and to post listings in the P2P market, you can review our relevant blog articles. For questions and suggestions, you can contact us.

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