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p2p market is now in egemoney mobile app

The P2P Market, which allows users to trade one-to-one, is now available in the EgeMoney mobile app! You can make many transactions in the market by using the application.

What is the P2P Market?

P2P market is a trading method between users who can trade directly with each other. The biggest feature of this market is that it does not need a central authority or intermediary institution.

Market is used in many different sectors today. For example, it is used in areas such as online trading or financial transactions.

The advantages of this market include low-cost transactions, faster and more direct transactions, safer transactions, and greater privacy. At the same time, there is no central authority. In conclusion, the P2P market is a rapidly developing trading method. It is advantageous due to the possibility of direct transactions between users and low-cost transactions. However, there are also disadvantages such as trust and legal uncertainty.

How can I view the P2P Market in the EgeMoney mobile app?

First, download our mobile application.
Sign in to the application. If you do not have an account, you can open it from the “Create Account” option.
Click on the “P2P Market” heading on the home page. Here you can see all the tools to buy or sell.

What is the P2P Market 2
At the top of this page are two filters: Send and Receive. You can filter the ads you want to see accordingly.

How can I post an ad in the EgeMoney mobile app?

Again, click on the “P2P” market on the main page.
Click on the three dots in the upper right. Then click on “Post new ad”.

What is the P2P Market 3
The options for the ad you will enter will appear. Select the assets to send and receive.

What is the P2P Market 4
You can choose the price type as fixed or variable depending on your request.
Click on the “Next” heading.
Enter the total amount you want to sell. You can use the maximum amount in your wallet.
Enter your order limits as minimum/maximum.

What is the P2P Market 5
Please mark your payment method and how you want to receive it. You can choose between manual or automatic.

What is the P2P Market 6
Select payment time limits. Here you must select both the date and time. Click the Next button.
After the communication settings, you can post your ad.

How can I accept an ad in the EgeMoney mobile app?

Firstly, when you enter the P2P Market page, you will see the available postings.
Select the one you want to accept from these postings and click the green “Accept” button on the right.
Enter your Buy and Sell amounts on the page that appears.

What is the P2P Market7
Finally, click the “Accept” button. If your balance is sufficient and the information you entered is correct, your transaction will be completed.

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