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What are EgeMoney Wallet and External Wallet?

You can trade with two different wallet types on the EgeMoney platform. In this article, we will explain the features of both types of wallets.

What is EgeMoney Wallet?

EgeMoney Wallet is a cold wallet where you can buy and sell crypto assets and FIAT within the platform. You can use it only on EgeMoney, and transfer it to your external wallet. With the EgeMoney wallet, you can control all your assets on the platform. You can also use your EgeMoney wallet in the Traditional P2P Market.

How do I reach my EgeMoney Wallet?

How can I access my EgeMoney Wallet? You should complete all the KYC verification steps before using the wallets. Firstly, log in to EgeMoney website. Then, click the “Wallet” heading on the right in the menu above.

How can I access my EgeMoney Wallet? When you click on the “Fiat and Spot” heading, you will see the your EgeMoney Wallet. 

How can I transact with my EgeMoney Wallet?

How can I transact with my EgeMoney Wallet? If you want to make a receive, sale, or transfer with your wallet, click on the “Deposit”, “Withdraw” or “Transfer” headings in the Fiat and Spot section.

After clicking on these titles; continue your transaction by selecting the assets you want to deposit, withdraw or transfer.

What is External Wallet?

An external wallet is a wallet you own outside the EgeMoney platform. You can use the external wallet with the “Rapid Convert” feature. In this way, you can make your purchases and sales transactions. External wallet rapid converts allow users to deposit money when buying and selling. You can do two types of conversion with an external wallet:

  • Convert between external wallets
  • Convert between an EgeMoney wallet and an External wallet

How do I convert with my External Wallet?

How do I convert with my External Wallet? For conversion, click on the Rapid Convert option from the “Classic Markets” heading at the top of the website. On the page that opens in front of you, you should mark the “How do you want to pay” section as External Wallet. In this method, you cannot deposit TRY from your external wallet. You can trade in the Fiat and Spot section for a TRY deposit.

To complete the process, you must first select the asset you want to give. Then choose what you want to get. While making your selection, you can see how much you will get.

Second, enter the amount you want to convert. Here you should be careful that you provide the minimum amount. There are two options for transfer to your external wallet:

  • You can add a payment method 
  • You can transfer to your account that you previously added as “Trusted”.

After entering the amount you want to convert, you will see the amount of the assets.

When you click on the “Proceed to Exchange”, confirmation pages will appear. There is a countdown for the amount you deposited. If you do not provide your confirmations within the given time, your conversion will be canceled.

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