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How to Fill EgeMoney User Form?

After completing your registration to the EgeMoney platform, you will receive a notification about the verifications you need to make when you re-enter the platform. User information form verification, which is one of the 6 steps required for KYC, includes confirming the information required that follows the regulations like other steps. In this step, you need to fill in 2 forms. This notification appears just below the menu at the top of the page.

How to Fill EgeMoney User Form?

After clicking the “Verify” button on the right, you will see a page about the steps you need to complete.

How to Fill EgeMoney User Form?

The box 03 requires you to fill out a form consisting of your information. To fill out the form:

1)Click the “Verify” button in the box number 03.

How to Fill EgeMoney User Form?2) In the first line spaces, write your first and last name to match your identity information.

3) Fill in the first space in the second line with the date of birth that matches your ID Card information as day/month/year. In the second space in the same line, write your TR ID number in the blank.

4) In the third line, write the names of your mother and father in the spaces. You do not need to enter your last name at this step.

5) In the fourth line nationality section, if you are a foreigner, you can select your country by clicking on the space. Likewise, select your gender by clicking on the gender section on the side.

6) Write your city of birth and district.

7) The sixth and seventh lines are for your address information. Enter your address information on the sixth line as Province/District/Postcode, respectively. In the seventh line, write your full address in detail and click the “Submit” button.

8) After completing this form, you have to fill in the second form which has no right or wrong answer. The purpose of this form is to understand whether you have the knowledge and experience to understand the risks of the product or service to be offered to you so that a more suitable service can be offered to you. If you do not provide information for the suitability test or if you provide incomplete or outdated information, it will not be possible to determine which products or services are suitable for you. For this reason, it is important for you to answer the following questions with correct, complete, and up-to-date information in order to determine the products and services that are suitable for you.

How to Fill EgeMoney User Form?The second form also includes questions about your personal information and finances. After completing 9 tests and 1 classic question, you complete the process.

9) After completing all the steps, click the “Submit” button at the bottom. If there is no error in the form you filled out, you have completed this step.

EgeMoney KYC verifications are made from the data requested by MASAK and consist of 7 steps in total. If you want to review the other steps, you can follow our blog and contact us with your questions.

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