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NITDA stated that publishing NYSC certificates on the blockchain would help combat fraud and forgery.

Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) plans to issue National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificates using blockchain technology in an effort to combat the issuance of fake certificates.

The agency’s director-general, Yusuf Kashafu, shared this information during a policy dialogue on a national blockchain application. Kashafu mentioned that they have been in touch with NYSC’s director-general, Yusha’u Ahmed, to discuss the development of this blockchain-based certificate verification system.

NYSC is a mandatory one-year program for young university graduates in Nigeria. The NYSC certificate is one of the most sought-after certificates in Nigeria, especially requested by many employers, particularly in government departments.

The director-general of NITDA believes that blockchain technology can eradicate the problems of fraud and forgery in certificate issuance and stated:

“By leveraging blockchain’s power, we aim to establish a secure, tamper proof system that will enable individuals, institutions, and employers to easily verify the authenticity of NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) certificates.”

On the other hand, this new development is in line with the country’s positive stance towards adopting blockchain technology. The Nigerian government recently approved the National Blockchain Policy, while the SEC is planning to allow the tokenization of assets.

Adoption of Blockchain Technology Solutions by Other Countries

Many countries are increasingly adopting blockchain technology to verify documents and certificates. Due to the technology’s immutable and transparent nature, many experts recommend its use for storing and verifying public information.

An Indian startup company, Greenlakes, recently launched a blockchain solution that allows users to access reliable and verified information about their lands. This technology is currently being used for real estate registration in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Last year, several countries, including Colombia, planned to register land titles with blockchain technology in partnership with Ripple Labs.

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