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How To Check Transaction History in EgeMoney?In EgeMoney, you can make many transactions on different markets. In this article, we will explain the transactions clients can do and how to view transaction history.

What transactions can I do in EgeMoney?

You can make different transactions from different menus on our website. Currently, there are 2 types of markets on the EgeMoney website:

  • Traditional P2P Market
  • Spot Market

Also, you can also complete your transactions by using different features. For example:

  • EgeMoney Rapid Convert
  • Crypto deposit/withdrawal
  • TRY (FIAT) deposit/withdrawal
  • Digital Currency deposit/withdrawal

You can do these transactions with two different wallet types.

What is my External Wallet and EgeMoney Wallet?

You can make transactions with two different wallet types on the EgeMoney. An external wallet is a type of cold wallet that you have outside of the platform but can also use on the platform. For example, your bank account is an external wallet, you can use this wallet when transferring money to your EgeMoney account.

Additionally, My EgeMoney wallet is a cold wallet that you can only use within the website. You can view your EgeMoney wallet information from the “Wallet-Fiat and Spot” section on the right in the top menu.

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How can I check my transaction history in EgeMoney?

To view the transactions you have made on the website:

Firstly, click on the “Fiat and Spot” tab under the “Wallet” heading in the upper right menu.

How To Check Transaction History in EgeMoney 2

Here, you will see a panel with information about your account.

How To Check Transaction History in EgeMoney 3

Click on the “Transaction History” heading on the right of the panel. Shortly, you will see four different versions of all your transactions:

  • FIAT
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • E-currencies
  • Transfer

Select the title of which type of transaction you want to view. From the “Date” filter, you can choose which time period you want to check.

You can choose Deposit or Withdrawal from the “Order Type” filter.

The “Status” filter allows you to filter your transaction based on its status. There are 5 status options:

  • Pending
  • Completed
  • Cancelled
  • Paid
  • Disputing

After that choosing all your filters, you can view your transaction history. But if you don’t select any filters, all your actions are sorted chronologically.

How do I view my wallet history on EgeMoney?

To view the EgeMoney wallet history, click on the “Wallet History” title under the title where you view the transaction history. You can see your EgeMoney Wallet history by making the same filters. Generally, the panel, which has similar features with the transaction history, does not include the history related to the external wallet.

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