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EgeMoney Staking Is Now AvailableThe easiest way to save money, known as Staking, is now available on EgeMoney. In this article, we will explain EgeMoney Staking.

What is Staking?

Staking is a popular term in the world of cryptocurrency. Staking involves holding cryptocurrencies to contribute to the transaction processes of a specific blockchain.

In staking, cryptocurrency holders lock a certain amount of cryptocurrency and use them as a contributing node to the network. This node assists in activities such as transaction verification and block creation. During the process of contributing to the network, stakers usually receive rewards at a certain rate. The amount of this reward varies depending on the blockchain protocol and the staking amount.

The advantages of staking include the potential for cryptocurrency holders to earn passive income. Additionally, the staking process strengthens the security of the blockchain. Also enhancing trust in the network. Moreover, users can usually stake with as much cryptocurrency as they desire.

EgeMoney Staking can also be used as a flexible savings plan. Flexible savings plans are financial instruments where users can save money at any time without a specific commitment in terms of duration or amount. Staking works similarly to these flexible savings plans. By subscribing to the Staking, you can earn profits.

Users who accumulate cryptocurrency through staking can earn passive income by holding their cryptocurrency assets without a specific duration or minimum commitment. Cryptocurrency holders usually receive rewards at a certain rate. The amount of this reward varies depending on the protocol and amount.

At EgeMoney, staking is only available for TRON. If you have a certain amount of savings in your wallet after subscribing to the plan, the profit obtained relative to the lowest balance amount within the past 24 hours is added daily to your wallet. Every 24 hours, the user’s balance is checked. Then, if there is a balance, the earnings are transferred to wallet. This bonus is calculated based on your lowest balance within 24 hours.

How do I subscribe to the EgeMoney Savings Plan?

You must be logged into your account to subscribe. You need to complete the necessary identity verification steps, just like with all other transactions on the EgeMoney website.

First of all, click here to go to your staking page.

Secondly, choose your desired subscription from the “Duration (days)” section.

How do I subscribe to the EgeMoney Savings Plan

Depending on the period you choose, you will see your earnings percentage under the “APR & Trend” heading. Finally, click the “Subscribe” button on the right side.

How do I subscribe to the EgeMoney Savings Plan

Enter the desired amount of TRON in the confirmation screen that appears. Confirm the terms of use.

How do I subscribe to the EgeMoney Savings Plan 2

Click the “Confirm” button to complete the transaction. After this subscription, you can make withdrawals of any amount at any time.

How do I calculate my stake bonus?

Firstly, click on the “Staking Bonus Calculator” on the staking page.

How do I calculate my stake bonus

Enter the currency, plan, desired amount, and days.

Click the “Calculate” button. Your bonus will be automatically displayed. The stake bonus amount is calculated and distributed daily based on your existing flexible savings assets. The bonus amount is rounded to 8 decimal places.

Subscriptions are closed every day from 23:50 to 00:10 (UTC). No bonuses are given to products purchased on the day of subscription. Bonuses are calculated the next day.

You can contact us for any questions or suggestions.

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