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The EgeMoney Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign is here! EgeMoney will award 800,000 shiba rewards to 100 people among those who buy 100 TL or more of BTC between 16-18 May. Do not forget to take a look at the rest of the article for this special campaign for EgeMoney users.

What is Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign?

It is an event celebrated to commemorate an event happened on May 22, 2010. On this date, someone purchased a real product using Bitcoin (BTC). Laszlo Hanyecz, bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins. At that time, the value of Bitcoin was low, making this pizza order historically the most expensive one. Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated by the crypto community.

The EgeMoney Pizza Day Campaign rewards 800,000 Shiba to 100 users who make a BTC transaction worth 100 TL between May 16-18.

How can I join the Bitcoin Pizza Day Campaign?

To join the Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign organized by EgeMoney, follow these steps:

Click on the link and complete the Gleam tasks. Firstly, you must log in to Gleam with your own credentials.

How can I join the Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign

Secondly, the tasks are as follows:

How can I join the Bitcoin Pizza Day campaign 2

Buy BTC worth a minimum of 100 TL from EgeMoney.

Please keep the following in mind while participating in the campaign:

Randomly selected 100 users who meet the requirements will be chosen. These 100 users will be determined using a lottery software. The selection will be made from users who made a 100 TL BTC transaction between May 16-18. When entering Gleam, make sure your information belongs to you. Finally, the winners can withdraw their purchased Bitcoins whenever they want.

How are the winners determined in the pizza day campaign?

The campaign is conducted through a lottery system. Only those who complete the tasks and meet the requirements are included in the lottery. A random selection of 100 individuals will be made using lottery software from all those who made a 100 TL BTC transaction between May 16-18.

What is the difference between Kilo Shiba and Shiba?

The main difference between Kilo Shiba and Shiba lies in their units and value. Kilo Shiba is a cryptocurrency called Shiba Inu. The value and circulation supply of Kilo Shiba depend on the market demand. On the other hand, the term “Shiba” is often used to refer to the Shiba Inu breed of dogs.

How do I deposit 100 TL?

To participate in the campaign, you must buy at least 100 TL of BTC. To buy BTC, you must login to the website. Users who have not completed the KYC steps cannot do this. Also, you can read our related blog post to buy BTC.

Can I deposit another currency or coin worth 100 TL?

Only users who make BTC transactions will be included in the lottery.

Don’t forget to follow EgeMoney Announcements to get more information about the campaigns.

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