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Turkishverse LAND Sale and Metaverse Experience

The Sandbox, operating in Turkey, announced the Turkishverse LAND sale with the aim of promoting Turkish culture, history, and brands globally, just as it does worldwide.

Turkishverse offers a metaverse content where experiences of brands, NFTs, and avatar collections can be found. Prior to Turkishverse, The Sandbox will carry out the Turkishverse LAND Sale.

Users, with the LAND Sale, have the opportunity to be neighbors with Turkey’s celebrities, series locations, and brands. Especially by being alongside leading brands, users can benefit from the global recognition of the brands and earn more.In the exclusive areas of The Sandbox Turkishverse, visitors will get to enjoy meticulously crafted virtual worlds, in addition to early access to special avatar sets and surprise rewards they can receive from popular virtual neighbors. Luxurious virtual homes, breathtaking landscapes, VIP social gathering spots, and unique art pieces await them in these zones. These special areas, hosting personal customization options, rare digital assets, and popular cultural events, will offer users the opportunity to connect socially with other visitors who share similar interests and with the region’s well-known personalities.

Turkishverse Land Opportunity by Lottery: Participation and Details

The lottery for the Turkishverse LAND sale will start on 23rd August at 18:00 Turkish time. To buy land from the Turkishverse LAND Sale, users first need to participate in the lottery.

To be able to enter the lottery, users need to have 1011 SAND for regular LAND or 4683 SAND for Premium LAND in their wallets.

Users who win the lottery will have the chance to buy land via the metaverse on 31st August at 15:00 Turkish time. This LAND Sale will be the first land sale The Sandbox will conduct for Turkey.

A total of 433 lands will be sold in Turkishverse, with 20 partners involved. Users who purchase Premium LAND will have a special NFT package and features.

Brands participating in the project include: King Shakir, Petrolig Games, 42 Maslak, Erdil Yasaroğlu, Hero of Troy, UGC90, Fiber Games, Metahorse Unity, Love Affairs, Cappadocia, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Bodrum, Thisone, LC Waikiki, QReal, YTU Yıldız Teknopark, Arcon.

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