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The excitement around artificial intelligence (AI) has engulfed various industries, and the digital assets sector seems ready to swiftly embrace this technology.

Lightning Labs has become the latest platform to venture into this space. The team behind the Bitcoin Lightning Network has announced a new developer toolkit to facilitate seamless interaction between the Lightning and AI developer communities with Bitcoin.

Lightning Labs Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

According to their official blog post, Lightning Labs has announced a new developer toolkit that allows AI applications, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, to interact with the Bitcoin network, facilitating the sending, receiving, and holding of cryptocurrency. The company revealed that these new tools are built on the L402 protocol, a Lightning-specific authentication mechanism. They also incorporate the popular library named “Langchain.”

Additionally, the company addressed the rising distribution costs associated with current billing paradigms. Lightning and the L402 protocol aim to tackle this crucial issue. Consequently, any entity with an internet-connected device will be able to instantly acquire or receive Bitcoin. The Lightning Network enables high-volume payments while maintaining privacy.

“We’re extremely excited about the new wave of innovation brought about with the latest wave of LLM models. With the L402 protocol and LangChainBitcoin, we’re able to ensure the open models can be accessed using an open payment system, connected to the world’s set of open APIs. In the end, open source will win, and we’re working to provide the tooling to enable greater accessibility to AI for humans and agents alike.”

Growth of the Lightning Network

“Despite a slow start, the Lightning Network is increasingly being adopted by cryptocurrency companies. The scaling solution has experienced significant growth in terms of measured BTC volume. Recent data shows that there are currently over 5.4k BTC on the Lightning Network.

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