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Bank Account Verification, one of the EgeMoney KYC steps, is one of the non-mandatory (additional) steps, unlike the other 6 steps. When you verify your bank account, you can use some additional features on the platform. For example; To deposit Turkish Lira into your account, you will naturally need a bank account to be confirmed on the system, so this verification is required. But you only have to complete the first six steps to secure a Fiat investment.

How Can I Verify My Bank Account?

When you log in to the EgeMoney website, you will receive a notification to complete the verifications.

When you click the “Verify” button, you will see a page with all the required verifications. When you scroll down on the page you previously verified on the platform, you will see two separate verifications numbered 8 and 9.

How Bank Account Verification Works?

To complete the verification:

How Bank Account Verification Works?

1) Click the “Verify” button at the bottom right.

2) For IBAN verification, please deposit TL from your own account to Ege Money account.

3) After entering your IBAN and depositing TL into Ege Money account, click the submit button at the bottom. After submitting, you’ll be in the approval process, which takes a maximum of 72 hours.

4) If everything is okay as a result of the system check, the amount you deposit will be reflected in your TL account and your IBAN will be verified.

All verifications on the EgeMoney website include the information requested by MASAK, and the collection of this information provides users with a more reliable and transparent financial market environment. To learn how to complete other KYC (Know Your Customer) steps on the EgeMoney platform, you can read our related blogs and contact us with your questions.

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