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How Can You Deposit Money into Your Account?

FIAT deposit is one of the transactions you can do on the EgeMoney Platform. In this article, we will explain to you how to deposit FIAT into your user account.

1) After logging into the platform, click on the “FIAT and Spot option under the “Wallet” heading in the upper right menu.

2) The page that appears will show general information about your main account. Click on the “Deposit” title on the top right of this page, and then select the “TRY Deposit” title.

How To Deposit FIAT?

3) On this page, you will see EgeMoney’s IBAN and TRY account numbers. Send the amount you want to deposit to your account to the specified IBAN. At this stage, take care to transfer the amount you will send using your own account.

4) The money will be credited into your account within 1 hour at the latest after your transaction.

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